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The Balanced Life

Don't let cost stop you from getting the change you want in your life.

"You need to have money to make money..."

That is what I heard growing up. It seems like a vicious cycle that prevents you from getting ahead. Not any more.

I have created this program to be affordable for most--but what if you are struggling more than most?

Then we have a scholarship program. You can receive a reduction in the cost of the system by contacting us and requesting a scholarship. To apply simply follow the steps below:


- Use the contact page and give me your name and requested scholarship amount. [The retail price is $17. So tell me how much you can afford to pay.]

- Share one thing you hope to gain from the program and/or one change you hope this will make for you. This can be as general or as specific as you want. I am not judging you, I want to know you are ready to use the system and not just spending money.

- If you know someone you know who would benefit from the program who might not be able to afford it, you can also apply for them and transfer the unique code.

-I will get back to you as I review it, generally within 3 days, with a special coupon code which will apply your scholarship when you check out using the buy link I send you.


That is it. That is the program.


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